Spike Activation
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A Event organization brand, an akronim of Space Pantai Indah Kapuk Event, that will be both young and spark. We want to bring the humanist modern with based on professional visual for this brand. To build the uniqueness of the brand.

We want to create a dynamic and approachable brand. To bring a youthful energy with professionalism.

We want to create a professional mood to make evidence feeling the brand. The visual inspired from the rigid shape of Spiking. It means creating a spiketecular concept and experience in every project that SPIKE ACTIVATION had.

In many scientific publications, the asterisk is employed as a shorthand to denote the statistical significance of results when testing hypotheses. And in computerize mathematics, asterisk is a symbol of multiplication.

It means, Spike Activation does make a multi ideas that can collaborating with other brand with spiketacular and significance result from every project that Spike Activation did.