Attitude and Freedom of Techwear by Maywild
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The form of the logo was made from Maywild intial (M&W). We twist the initial M&W with the form of bolt and track tires. Bolt itself represent as “ATTITUDE”, because bolt is an important part of motorcyle, its small but it can make detail for motorcycle. As a motorcycle guys need to pay attention to detail, even to the bolt so we interpret it as responsibility.

The track tires form we interpret it as the symbol of “FREEDOM”, because the track tire itself don’t have a the same shape/form in every road. Just like freedom, every person has their own definition of freedom & choose their kind of freedom.
We created the typeface for Maywild Brand. The type inspired from the logogram and the logotype of Maywild. Creating a rigid font to represent the Soul of Motorbike itself.